Le novità di Masseria Dirupo
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  • Insalate biologiche masseria dirupo noci bari puglia

    Our biological salads

    For information and orders: +39 329 74 64 564 Località Zona F, 46, Noci (BA), 70015, Italy SALADS OF MASSERIA DIRUPO ARE 100% ORGANIC Here at Masseria Dirupo we realized that consumers are tired of plastic vegetables. Here at Masseria Dirupo we also understand that consumers are tired of never knowing if the vegetables…
  • Eataly

    The Azienda Agricola Fratelli Lippolis lands at Eataly! At the kind invitation of the management of Eataly Bari, we will be present in their outlet 2 to 30 May 2016 with our products. Come and visit us, every weekend we will be present to answer your questions and curiosity. See you there!
  • Storie del Dirupo

    Breeding of the Chupacabras

    [:it]It all begun in the early 1900. The main Farm building had been recently completed, it was spring and the landowner was sipping an almond milk drink sitting in the shade. All of a sudden a pawing was heard and a barrow approached the building. The carter was a young boy from the town that…
  • Un chiaro esempio di ufo sopra il bosco mentre cerca un ramo per appoggiarsi

    UFO at the Dirupo Farm

    UFO sightings are a common thing nowadays… Even the Dirupo area isn’t new to sightings of every kind, and often it happens to see UFOs flying low on the ground greeting with a chirp or a shake of the tail…
  • Laijutsu

    July 21st 2012 – Multidisciplinary seminar on Japanese martial arts

    Almost one year later, the coalition between The Masseria Dirupo Association and the Rakurai Dojo gives birth to a second event devoted to Japanese martial arts. Surrounded by the wonderful and suggestive scenario that only the Dirupo Farm can offer, the martial artists from the Rakurai Dojo have alternatively practised: the Gyakute-Do Aiki Jujutsu, a…

    JULY 9TH 2011

    The 9th of July 2011, within the Association’s premises, a rich and articulated Japanese martial arts showcase has been held. Along with the Ikazuchi Dojo – Academy of Martial Arts and Associated Disciplines, The Association «Masseria Dirupo» has organized an experimental workshop of  Shinobi Jutsu called «The Way of the Ninja». From many years now,…
  • Api in masseria


    Thanks to the collaboration with the Azienda Agricola Pugliese (Putignano – BA) of Francesco Pugliese, 30 hives are arrived, homes of small bees swarms that will be staying with us for at least one year to let them grow up to a productive size!


    Great News in the Farm! The Puglia regional government has accepted our request of enclosing the property into a no hunting zone (authorization number 014/BA/38 of the 21st of December 2011)! This is another small success towards the safekeeping of our environment and the protection of the biodiversity in the area.