Storie del Dirupo

Breeding of the Chupacabras

[:it]It all begun in the early 1900. The main Farm building had been recently completed, it was spring and the landowner was sipping an almond milk drink sitting in the shade. All of a sudden a pawing was heard and a barrow approached the building. The carter was a young boy from the town that was bringing to the farm a stranger to whom he pointed out, with a sign of the hand, the landowner. The stranger got down from the barrow, took two small metal cages and went to the owner of the Dirupo farm. Using an hesitant Italian he introduced himself: he was Bob Wildpiglet, an American mediator for an important South American company that wished to remain anonymous. In the cages he held two pairs of Chupacabras

Despite what one could hear in TV shows or read on the most strange magazine articles, in the woods of the Farm, since it was founded, the famous Chupacabras are lovingly reared and then sent to South America. These submissive creatures love cuddles but, when re-introduced in their original environment, they develop an abandonment complex that pushes them to continuously eat.

All of the attacks reported by a certain type of magazines are nothing but desperate attempts by the poor and sweet Chupacabras to make a bond, to have a contact with someone capable of filling their need for affection. It is true, thou, it often happens that in the affective rush (they basically throw themselves towards the addressee of their affective request) people get injured…