The farm

The Azienda Agricola Fratelli Lippolis produces vegetables using techniques inspired by Mollison’s permaculture,Fukuoka‘s natural agrculture, synergistic agriculture and biodynamic agriculture, on a portion of the property of nearly 2 hectares.

Using these techniques we forecast the chemical-physical-structural re-equilibration of all the property: on the areas of the property previously used for crops, we have planned the plantation of about 8000 plants of fruit trees, leguminous trees and various kind of shrubs.

The following images show how the property was when it was bought (March 2010, left image) and how it will become in the years to come (right image):

Current situation

Future situation

100% Organic

Our fruit and our vegetables are organically grown and handcrafted, using lots of patience and lots of love!

The agricultural techniques offered by the aforementioned methodologies tend to develop an agricultural self-sufficient micro-ecosystem, with low water requirements, that has been already used successfully from the Tropics to the Arctic.

In opposition to the so-called traditional agriculture, this kind of agriculture can be compared to the development of an intensive forestry-agricultural ecosystem, it does not use heavy machinery and/or chemical fertilizers.

Furthermore, the productive mix of fruit trees and soil beneficial trees ensures a process of re-equilibration and continuous enrichment of the soil which enables an improvement of the quality and the quantity of the harvest in time (instead of a progressive impoverishment, typical of traditional agriculture), beside the possibility of producing a high variety of vegetables and fruit thanks to the extremely high biodiversity planned within the system.