JULY 9TH 2011

The 9th of July 2011, within the Association’s premises, a rich and articulated Japanese martial arts showcase has been held.

Along with the Ikazuchi Dojo – Academy of Martial Arts and Associated Disciplines, The Association «Masseria Dirupo» has organized an experimental workshop of  Shinobi Jutsu called «The Way of the Ninja». From many years now, the Rakurai Dojo studies the historical bases of the so-called “ninja arts” in the attempt to outline the most authentic traits of the mysterious figure of the spy of the feudal Japanese period, as well as to experiment the techniques following the manuals of the period.

The workshop begun in the afternoon with a training in the Jo Jutsu, the medium length stick techniques, and in the Hayanawa, the art of prisoners fast binding; in the night between the 9th and the 10th of July, the group of students of the Rakurai Dojo has re-enacted an historical and operational scenario, under the supervision of Master Maurizio Colonn: while some of the students were protecting and patrolling a “fort”, other students were applying true Shinobi Jutsu techniques against them. The “trulli” of the Masseria Dirupo were transformed for one night in a Japanese fort, creating, along with the actions of the participants, a truly original and suggestive event.

The initiative has generated enthusiasm and satisfaction both, for the organizers and the participants, therefore it will surely have future development and episodes.

Ikazuchi Dojo