July 21st 2012 – Multidisciplinary seminar on Japanese martial arts

Almost one year later, the coalition between The Masseria Dirupo Association and the Rakurai Dojo gives birth to a second event devoted to Japanese martial arts.

Surrounded by the wonderful and suggestive scenario that only the Dirupo Farm can offer, the martial artists from the Rakurai Dojo have alternatively practised: the Gyakute-Do Aiki Jujutsu, a hand to hand fighting style based upon blows, levers and projections; the Iaijustu exercise (fast extraction of the sword) based on the ancient school “Sekiguchi Ryu”; and they have experimented the historical methods of Ninjutsu, the ancient art of Japanese espionage, inspired by the Shoninki and the Ninpiden manuals.

Seen the enthusiasm and the satisfaction of both participants and organizers, there will not be a shortage of these kind of events in the future.