Insalate biologiche masseria dirupo noci bari puglia

Our biological salads

For information and orders:
+39 329 74 64 564
Località Zona F, 46, Noci (BA), 70015, Italy


Here at Masseria Dirupo we realized that consumers are tired of plastic vegetables. Here at Masseria Dirupo we also understand that consumers are tired of never knowing if the vegetables they buy at the supermarket come from a good local farmer or from a talented Spanish farmer.

For these (and other) reasons, you have to know that here in Noci (BA, Italy), right near you, there is Masseria Dirupo where we cultivate fresh, crispy, big and 100% organic salads! Sorry for you, but if you come to visit us, you will be forced to eat fragrant and quality vegetables, cultivated without use of herbicides or pesticides!

Rediscover the true flavors of the past, when you were little and used to eat vegetables from the garden of your grandfather, and you will be delighted because the salad will not have a vague taste of vegetables, but it will be sweet and crunchy like a real salad!