Le pietre che parlano

Le Pietre che parlano

The Le pietre che parlano (stones that speak) projectproposed by Michele Agostinelli and Concetta Antonelli, was born in the context of profound and authentic respect for the territory, with nature and characteristics that belong to it.

The Dirupo farm, in the countryside of Noci, has been adhering for several years to a type of agriculture that respects these principles, also moving towards an evolution towards agritourism, with the production of fruit, vegetables and legumes, the possibility of staying and tasting.

In this setting, which is also the essence, the project of the exhibition Le pietre che parlano was born, in which the ancient farmhouse becomes a cenacle for the arts: music, painting, literary activity, natural expressions of the creativity of the human being, as well as the crops, woods and fauna express their biodiversity and the creativity of the territory when it is cared for and protected.

The event will open on March 3, 2024 and end on June 28.

Participating in the events, in order of date, will be the artists Michele Sedicino, Michele Agostinelli, Angela Guerra, Giuseppe Genchi, Franco Giacopino, Luca Samele, Nick Giu (Nicola Giuliani) for the figurative arts and the writers Concetta Antonelli, Tommaso Di Ciaula, Virgilio Franzel, Marino Pagano, Italo Interesse, Giusy Scattarelli, Giuseppe Camicia, Piero Fabris for literary activities.

All events are free to enter and will take place at 6pm every Saturday, unless otherwise specified.