Masseria Dirupo Association

The Dirupo Farm is also the office of the cultural and social promotion association called «Masseria Dirupo Association».

It was founded in October 2010 with the objectives of cultural social promotion, amateur sport activities and social solidarity in favour of the members and/or third parties.

The fundamental idea the Association carries on is to consider man, with each and every aspect, is not an entity uprooted from the environment in which he lives, instead he is an integral part of it.

That is: along with the environment, man becomes co-creator of reality.

100% organic

We produce fruit, vegetables, vegetables in oil, pickles, honey, sauce and many other delicacies to bring to your table on any occasion!

Therefore, the Masseria Dirupo Association’s goal is to significantly contribute to the individuals’ development and the process of becoming aware of the plurality existing in the various aspects of living and being, without denying or devaluating the individual contribution to this plurality.

One can reach an understanding and an appreciation of the diversity only through various points of view and the individual expertises.

To reach this objective, the Association plans courses, participative seminars, meetings and cultural activities, also with the aid of other associations, institutions and experts, that can contribute towards the education on the existing pluralities in human experiences.